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PWM DC Motor Speed Control Module 6V/12V/24V/28V 3A


3A DC Motor Speed Control Module

Power supply :6 - 28 VDC

Load voltage : 6 - 28 VDC / 3A max

Output : controlled DC motor by PWM ( Pulse With Modulation )

Range : 0 - 100 %

Fully assembled & tested module.

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Product Description


    Use this module to control the speed of your electric motor or brightness of a DC light bulb. Obtain low speed from a DC motor without sacrificing torque. Small assembled device with an on-board pot to control the pulse width modulator output.

    Seems that there are a few that do not understand convection cooling. The module has no fan, so it relies on air movement to carry the heat away from the transistors and traces. If you enclose this module in a housing you must provide a way for the heat to escape or be forced out, with a fan.

    The hotter the module runs the shorter its life span, you need to check your setup under load and make sure the heat does not build up during use. Although this module is rated for 3 amps, it cannot operate at this current continuously if the heat builds up and is not removed. Bigger is always better when it comes to driving inductive loads, so always go bigger. With a 3 amp load this module generates a bit of heat and requires some sort of air movement over the PCB and heat sinks. 3 Amps or higher requires a fan, and best not used for this type of load with a high duty cycle or long run times.

    So, to repeat this,

    You should determine how hot the unit gets. If it gets too hot it will fail.

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