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PWM DC Motor Speed Control 30 A image Zoom

Pulse width modulator DC Motor Speed Control 30 A Hydrogen boost controller.


Use this PWM (pulse width modulator) DC Motor Speed Control module to control the speed of your electric motor or the brightness of your DC light bulb.

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Product Description


    1000's sold for Hydrogen boost systems. We have been around since the begining, why pay more?

    Keep your cool " your hydrogen booster will run cooler"

    The MX066 is a small assembled module with an on-board pot to control the pulse width modulator duty cycle/ output.
    Keep in mind that you should determine how hot the unit gets. If it gets too hot it will fail. Keep an eye on it while you are testing your setup. If it gets to hot to touch then its probably to hot.

    In order to be able to carry high amperage for extended periods of time, you will need to provide additional cooling. The module is convection cooled, so if its a larger load, do not enclose it in a sealed box. If it stays cool when being used then its OK, obviously.

    The unit will carry up to 30 amps but not for long periods of time. Use common sense when powering large loads.


    Powering inductive loads can be tricky, also this module has a diode across the mosfet to absorb/shunt any reverse voltage that may appear across the mosfet. If you need to move the motor when the modulator is not powered disconnect it. If its slow rotation then it will be ok, however if it generates enough current the diode will short, usually the motor has to be turning at a fairly high rate in order to cause this.


    We also can customize a module that meets your needs, ask us what we can make for you if this module does not meet your needs.


    This has been a very popular module for Hydrogen Fuel cells. Use this module to regulate the amount of current going into your Hydrogen fuel cell to prevent overheating.


    Also popular for controlling the speed of a wiper motors (poor mans animation work horse), not large ones but smaller ones with short duration's. Some Wipers can draw 20 to 25 amps continuously when under load, in that case this modulator would probably not be a good choice. However if you ran it for 30 seconds then off for 10 minutes, it would also probably be OK.


    You could use 2 pots and a timer like the MK111 and switch between them to achieve 2 speeds for your animation or 2 distinct light bulb intensities.


    Comes with a plastic push on knob.

    Power Supply: 12/24VDC
    Load Voltage: 12/24VDC 30A Max.
    Motor Speed: Uses PWM principle for motor speed control.
    Output Frequency: 100 Hz
    Motor Speed Adjustable from 0  100%
    PCB Dimensions: (100 x 43 x 30mm) Approx: (4 x 1 3/4 x 1 1/8")



    POINT + 12 V is connected to the positive pole of the power supply 12VDC
    POINT + M is connected to the positive pole of DC Motor.
    POINT  M is connected to the negative pole of the DC Motor.

    POINT G is to be connected to the negative pole of the power supply.
    VR 10K is used to adjust the speed of the DC Motor
    Jumper is used to select the power supply 12v or 24VDC for the module.

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