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50A Pulse Width Modulator DC Motor Speed Controller Zoom

50 AMP Pulse width modulation Speed Controller

50 Amp DC Motor Speed Controller using pulse width modulation.

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Product Description


    Power Supply: 8 - 30VDC
    Load Voltage: 8 - 30VDC / 50A max.
    Frequency can be fixed at 100Hz or adjustable from 400Hz to 3kHz
    Motor speed (PWM) pulse width modulation can be adjusted from 0% to 100%
    LED power indication
    PCB Dimensions: 3.42 x 4.92""

    Connecting and Tuning
    Point +BATT is to be connected to the positive pole of power supply 8-30VDC
    Point +L is to be connected to the positive pole of DC motor.
    Point -L is to be connected to the negative pole of DC motor
    Point -BATT is to be connected to negative pole of power supply
    VR10K is used for adjusting the speed of DC motor (PWM) 0 - 100%
    VR100K is used for adjusting the frequency from 400Hz to 3kHz
    J1 is used for selecting the frequency.
    If J1 is jumped, the circuit can be adjusted.
    If J1 is not jumped, the circuit will be fixed at 100Hz.

    Use electric wire No. 12AWG to connect between the circuit and load.
    When adjusting the frequency to high, the MOSFET will get hot easily.
    We recommend to use the frequency at 100Hz)
    If the frequency is adjusted to higher than 500Hz, a mini fan should be installed on the heatsink.

    This has been a very popular module for Hydrogen Fuel cells. Use this module to regulate the amount of current going into your Hydrogen fuel cell to prevent overheating.

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