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Video Amplifier Kit 1 - 4 Channels

SKU: FK655
This video amplifier kit has one input and four outputs.

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Assembly Required: Yes



Assembly Required!
Product Description


    This kit allows for up to 4 devices to be attached to a single 75 ohm video output from TV related devices. A typical situation would be attaching an HDD and an analog TV to a digital TV set. The gain of the FK655 is adjustable using an on-board potentiometer.


  1. power requirement : 12VDC
  2. Input/output impedance: 75 ohms
  3. Current consumption :
    150mA@Vin=2.5Vp-p, 1kHz.
  4. Adjustable Gain : approx. 1-4dB
  5. PCB dimensions : 2.17" x 2.88"

    How it works
    Requires a 12V power supply 200mA minimum. Diode D1 acts as a polarity reversal protection and three-pin voltage regulator, IC1, steps down the input voltage to +9V for the circuit to operate from. Capacitor C1  C3 are power supply filter capacitors.
    The video signal is fed through VIDEO IN and capacitor C4 to transistors TR1 and TR2, which amplify the video signal. With VR1 used to adjust the bias of TR1 and VR2 is used to adjust the gain of the video amplifier. A video amplifier is fed to the base of TR3-TR6, which increase the available driver current for each channel (via VIDEO OUT).

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    SKU FK655
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