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USB Charger with Voltmeter Zoom

USB Regulator with Meter


Allows you to use your alternate power source to charge or power your USB device.

Includes a built in LED meter to monitor your battery voltage.  Great for a small solar set up at the camp.

This is a must have for the zombie apocalypse!

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Product Description


    USB Charger / Car Charger  input voltage 4.5 ~ 40V DC To 5V DC-DC out.

    Step-down Converter with Voltmeter

    Ultra-wide input voltage, and can be used with your car or motorcycle, or mini paddle wheel, or solar setup, its up to you.

    The meter can be used to monitor the battery voltage, dont let your batteries get to low.

    5.0V 2A output current capability , sufficient to meet a variety of USB devices , the output voltage is very stable …

    1. Wide voltage meter range : DC 4.5~40V

    2. 5V/2A output current capability ( to stabilize output when the input voltage is 4.5~40V 5.0 V)

    3 . one key ( ” output enable ” button ) to switch USB output , one – click ( the ” low power ” button ) enter ultra low power consumption

    4 . The on-board voltage meter can be calibrated , never question if your meter is correct or not, set it and forget it.

    5 . Reverse polarity protection, reverse input power connection will not burn out the USB Charger :

    6 . Overload and over temperature protection.

    7 . USB power indicator.

    8 . Input power has 2 screw terminal connections! How purrfect for camping with your cat ! !

    9 . High efficiency and low ripple <-- wow if that was a chip I would eat it, just sayin

    How to set the volt meter:

    Click the Output Enable button, the USB indicator lights, the USB port now has 5 volts. When you need to save power push the other button and the LED meter will go out saving power and the USB port will be powered down.

    Voltmeter calibration:

    Step1 Press the "output enable" button for more then 2 seconds, relaease, voltmeter flashes, this time into the voltage regulation mode.

    Step2 Press the "output enable" button (normal speed), the voltage value is increasing, press the "low power" button and the value will decrease. The step rate is .1 volt.

    Step3 press the "Output enable" button for more then 2 seconds, release, to exit the volatmeter setting mode. Data will be saved.

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