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15A Peltier Thermo Electric Module image Zoom

TEC1-12715 15.4V 136.8W Heatsink Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier


One side heats and the other cools.

Make your own portable cooler or hand warmer.

No moving parts, or complicated circuit to make cold or heat.

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Product Description


    • Maximum temperature: 67'C
    • Power cord: Red and black lead with stripped soldered ends
    • Usage: Peltier cooling module (Thermoelectric Element) when a current is applied to the unit one side will get hot and the other side will cool. The hot side needs adequate cooling so the unit does not get damaged
    • Dimensions: 50x50x3.9mm



    When a current is passed through the module a water drop placed on one side will boil or freeze depending on the direction of the current.

    The effect is fully reversible, pass the current the other way and the opposite surfaces will heat and cool.


    Check out this project that uses one of these modules to get results you can see... CCD cooling for deepsky Thanks for the link Joel awesome page.


    Also a small PWM could be used to control the amount of heating or cooling the module will deliver.



    It is important to understand that a Peltier Module is not a heat sponge which absorbs heat.
    It is a heat pump. Heat which is pumped out of the cold surface is deposited on the hot side of the module where it must be dissipated in some way.
    If not, the hot side will heat up to the point where it will stop functioning as a cooling device and actually begin to heat the cold surface.

    A heat sink must be considered as an integral part of any Peltier cooling system.

    All performance characteristics of Peltier devices vary as a function of the heat sink temperature. The more heat you remove from the hot side, the colder the cold side will get.

    An ideal heatsink would be capable of absorbing an infinite amount of heat without rising in temperature. Like a lake or a massive piece of granite.
    In practice you must choose a heatsink which will absorb the total waste heat from the module and not rise in temperature above a tolerable level.
    In general, a heat sink temperature rise in the range 5 to 15ᄎC above ambient is reasonable.


    We also have a 12 volt temperature controller well suited to fridge type applications. Link to thermostat Link to Digital thermostat

    Heatsinks are rated in C/Watt.
    This is a measure of how many degrees the heatsink will rise above ambient when 1 watt of heat is pumped onto its surface.
    For example, a heatsink rated at 0.17ᄎC/Watt will rise 17ᄎC above ambient when 100 watts of heat is pumped into the sink.

    Natural conduction heatsinks (0.5 to 5ᄎC/W) may only just be suitable for some uses of Peltier modules.
    Forced convection (0.02 to 0.5 C/W) and liquid cooled (0.005 to 0.15C/W) must be used to obtain the maximum efficiency from a module.

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