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NEMA17 60mm 1.5A high torque stepper motor image Zoom

NEMA17 48mm 1.68A high torque stepper motor

SKU: NEMA17-48
The Nema17 48mm long stepper saves space and cost only half of a nema23 stepper, is a good choice for many high torque low speed applications.

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Product Description


  1. Motor Depth: 48mm, the longest body and the highest torque of nema17 stepper motor
  2. Two phase 4 lead wires bipolar stepper
  3. Step Angle: 1.8 degree, works with A4988 stepper driver, 3200pps per revolution, high resolution for 3d printers.
  4. Rated Current 1.68A
  5. Rated Voltage: 4V
  6. Holding Torque: 0.5N.m or 5Kg.cm
  7. Resistance: 1.65 ohms
  8. Shaft: 5mm single flat, used with 5mm bore pulleys.

    Using a 24VDC power supply will allow this motor to be driven at high speed and high torque.

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    SKU NEMA17-48
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