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I/R Light Fence / Door Minder Kit

SKU: QK130
Set up an invisible infra red light beam which releases a main rated relay when broken. Up to 25 yards.

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Assembly Required!
Product Description


    The 130 kit uses an infra-red (IR) beam to monitor door and passage-ways or any other area.ᅠ When the beam is broken a relay is tripped which can be used to sound a bell or alarm.ᅠ Suitable for detecting customers entering a shop, cars coming up a driveway, etc.ᅠ The IR beam is very strong.ᅠ Distances over 25 yards can be monitored with this kit. INFRA RED LIGHT FENCE / DOOR MINDER KIT

    ᅠ A 12VDC unregulated supply is required to power the kit. ᅠ A 12V wall adaptor is fine.ᅠ Provision has been made so that only one power supply needs to be used to power both units.ᅠ The relays in this kit are rated to switch mains voltages.

    The kit is constructed on single-sided printed circuit board.ᅠ Protel Autotrax and Schematic were used in the design.

    For ease of operation, the transmitter board can be powered from the receiver board when they are relatively close together.ᅠ Two plugs have been supplied for his. ᅠ Connecting wire for he length required must be supplied by you.ᅠ Otherwise two separate power supplies are required.

    The receiver board contains two DC jacks connected in parallel.ᅠ Power from a 12VDC source is connected to one jack.ᅠ A lead can then be connected to the other jack and run to the transmitter board.ᅠ DC plugs to make up a lead are supplied with the kit.

    Aligning the transmitter and receiver is simply a matter of pointing the transmitter IR LED at the receiver board and moving it around until the red LED on the receiver board lights.ᅠ This indicates that the beam is being received.ᅠ The relay will be operated.

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    SKU QK130
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