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NEO-7M GPS module with USB and serial interface Zoom

GPS Receiver with Serial Output uses NEO-7M and USB port

Small GPS Module NEO-7M-GPS USB and serial out.

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Product Description


    Model N700M07 U-blox GPS Receiver Module based on the newest generation and original U-blox® NEO-7 series precise point positioning GNSS module technology,which combines excellent sensitivity with low power and includes variants optimised for cost and performance. Replaces NEO-6M series products.

          • GNSS engine for GPS,QZSS,GLONASS
         • High precision GNSS<1m
         • DGPS by SBAS or RTCM
         • Combines low power consumption and high sensitivity
         • Upgrade alternative products of NEO-6 and NEO-5 families
         • Raw measurement data(GPS)

    • Personal location tracking;
    • PDA, Pocket PC and other Portable Devices;
    • Pets Tracking;
    • Cars,Trucks,Buses Positioning;
    • Surveying and mapping applications



    Receiver type:            56-channel u-blox7 engine
                            GPS L1 C/A, GLONASS L1 FDMA,

                            QZSS L1 C/A,
                            SBAS: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS

                            Gallilo E1B/C(ready to support)

    Navigation update rate: Up to 10 Hz
                                                      GPS            GLONASS
    Accuracy                     Position:     2.5 m CEP     4 m
                                         SBAS:     2.0 m CEP     n.a.
                                SBAS + PPP:     < 1 m CEP    n.a.
    Acquisition              Cold starts:     30 s             32 s
                               Aided starts:      5 s              n.a.
                             Reacquisition:      1 s              1 s
    Sensitivity                  Tracking:   –161 dBm     –158 dBm
                                 Cold starts:   –147 dBm     –139 dBm
                               Warm starts:   –148 dBm     –145 dBm
    Assistance GPS           

                               AssistNow Online
                               AssistNow Offline
                               AssistNow Autonomous
                               OMA SUPL & 3GPP compliant
    Oscillator              Crystal
    RTC crystal            Built-In
    Anti jamming         Active CW detection and removal
    Memory                 Flash
    Supported             Antennas Active



          •  External active antenna support
          •  LED signal indicator
          •  Super-Capacitor backup
          •  Mounting Hole: 3mm
          •  Module size :25.4mm * 30.8mm
          •  Ceramic Antenna size :25mm*25mm 

    Below is the old information relating to the previous module.

    NEO-7M GPS module.

    3.3 Volt module with on board regulator.

    The IO signals are 3.3 volt, however the module requires 5 volts DC to supply the on board 3.3 V regulator. The output is serial however these are logic level and not RS232 compatible.

    In order to setup the module for use you need to run U-BLOX setup

    You will need a USB to serial converter Click Here.

    Use this module with your Arduino or Arduino Clone or Raspberry Pi or even Banana Pi all of which are available from QKITS.

    Adrunio UNO will require a bit bang serial port or software emulation or use a MEGA which has 4 serial ports.

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