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Digital Clock/Stopwatch/Count Down Timer/Thermometer image Zoom

Digital Clock/Stopwatch/Count Down Timer/Thermometer

6 Digit Digital 24 Hr Clock/Stopwatch/Count Down Timer/Thermometer

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Product Description


    Here is a 24 Hour Digital Clock, Stop Watch, Count-Down Timer and Thermometer all in one package.

    The time and temperature displays may be set to alternate at user selectable intervals.

    The MXA073 can be used for public displays, schools, sports clubs and industry.

    In sports applications, the MXA073 is also fitted with high current, multiplexed drivers to driver external 7 segment displays like the MXA004 units.

    Correct time is maintained during blackouts by a back-up battery feature. The clock will not operate properly without a 3 volt external supply, such as 2 AA's. Setting a count down time is easy. Put the counter in Count Down mode by pressing SW4 until the display reads F2 (Function 2) To set Count Down time, press and hold SW1, the display will first show the relay ON time, then show P----1, release the switch. Set the Count down time by pressing SW3 for Seconds SW2 for minutes and SW1 for Hours. When the time you want is set press SW4, the display will show P----2, this is the relay ON time you can set it from 00 (will not come on ) to 59 seconds max. Once the time expires the relay turns off and the count sits at zero. To reset the count, press SW2, to start the count down press SW3. You can pause or stop the count at anytime by pressing SW3 again. You can see the relay ON time any time by pressing SW1. When the module is counting down the colons flash between each set of 2 digits.

    Count up mode does not have any settings, it can be in hundredths of a second or seconds, not both. If you want hundredths then your max count will be 99 minutes 59 seconds 99 hundredths.

    Setting the time and Date. Press SW4 until the display shows F0. Press and hold SW3 for 3 seconds until the display shows P----1. It is now waiting for you set the Hours, Minutes and Seconds. Once done press SW4, the display will show P----2 It is now waiting for you to set the Day, Month and Year Once done press SW4 again. The display will show P----3 this is the day of the week, Sunday is 1 and Monday is 2 and so on. BH321B , 2AA holder.
    Snap/wires for holder BS-TR

    - Power requirement : 12VDC./ 150mA. (max.)
    - Battery Back-up : 0.5mA. 3V.
    - Timing Modes : Time of day, Stop Watch, Count Down Timer (up to 23:59.59 Hours).
    - Temperature Range : 0oC to 99.9oC
    - External Display Driver : Multiplexed up to MXA004 (9")
    - Output Relay Capacity : 1 Amp.
    - PCB dimensions : 4.70"x3.90"x0.55" (120mm x 110mm x 13mm)

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    SKU MXA073
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