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About QKits Electronics

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UPS is available in Canada and the USA


 Here at Qkits Electronics we are PCI Compliant. We never see your credit card details.  EV (Extended Validation) Certified.

 If you are looking for a way to build your inventions and do not have time to research, design, proto type, debug, deglitch, rebuild, and source parts; we are the answer! We add new kits and modules regularly, all using some new and some proven technology, trying to give you a mix of building blocks that can be used together or alone to provide solutions to your demanding applications. 

Typical proven building blocks would be amplifier kits, 1 A, 3 A and 5 A DC power supply modules, as well as benchtop power supplies with extremely with stable regulation. More advanced projects include relay boards for your P.C, Serial, & Parallel, USB and Ethernet types. 5


Qkits Electronics is also an authorized Weller dealer specializing in electronic soldering irons and systems as well as parts and tips. We are also an Authorized Arduino dealer. All of the Arduino products available in North America are stocked as well as any clone Arduino product we can source.  Raspberry Pi 3B+'s, cobblers as well as housings are also always in stock.  We provide a high quality, 5V 3A efficent switching power supply with the Raspberry Pi 3B+ kits.

 Hammond enclosures are a perfect way to enclose your new project and keep it safe from that odd metal item that could end up on your PCB and cause you untold amounts of grief, this usually happens when you want to show your project off or turn it in at school to be graded. 


As an MG Chemical dealer, we have lead solder, desolder braid, conformal coating to keep moisture out or spray on EMI shielding. Also liquid flux, paste flux plus advanced epoxies, including conductive epoxy.  MG Chemicals also makes a great line of 3D Printer filament in PLA, PETG, ABS and HIPS. There offer some specialized PLA such as thermochromic, wood, gold and silver.

Please take a few moments to examine our product line. Detailed descriptions, with pictures are available as you go deeper into the site. These pages are being updated constantly to provide you with enough information to make a proper judgement. If you don't find what you are looking for, just drop us an e-mail

IF YOU STILL HAVE QUESTIONS please email us at sales@qkits.com 

We also have Dupont jumper cables, PCBs with isolated islands for protoyping, breadboards, plus header pins and female headers.


Shipping your order is the most important part of our day, all in stock products will be shipped same day if ordered before 3:00 pm and not on a holiday or weekend. 


Stop in and visit us, were open from 10:00 AM til 5:00 PM Monday to Friday with lots of FREE parking, did we mention free parking?

 No green hornets circling.


We specialize in mail order and have a wide variety of options for you, USPS, Canada Post and UPS are the most common methods.


The About Us section is updated from time to time, so please check this page periodically. This document was last updated Sept-2018


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