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8 Servo Motor Controller

SKU: KT-5199A
KTA-199 or KT-5199A

The RC Servo Motor Controller will control up to 8 servo motors.

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Product Description


    The RC Servo Motor Controller will control up to 8 servo motors.
    4 of the servo motors are controlled by ASCII RS232 serial commands.
    This can be increased to 8 by the configuration command WRCF.
    The form of the serial command is @xx WRPO yyy where xx is the address of the motor and yyy is the position which can vary between 0 and 100.
    For example @02 WRPO 50 will move motor 2 to mid position.

    The other 4 servo motors are controlled by the position of a switch.
    A switch is connected between the Lx and COM inputs.
    The user then writes a series of commands to the controller to tell what positions the motor is to move to when the switch is in the OPEN and CLOSED states.
    The user can also set the rate of movement between the OPEN and CLOSED positions.
    These variables are automatically saved in EEPROM so that they will not be lost on loss of power.

    Power Supply Required: 9 to 24V DC

    Finished Dimensions (mm): 78Wx88Lx25H


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    SKU KT-5199A
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