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6 Digit Stop Watch / Digital Clock Module image Zoom

6 Digit Stop Watch / Digital Clock Module


6 Digit Stop watch and 24 Hour Clock
Ultra Bright 5mm RED water clear LEDs
Digit Height: 2"
Display dimension : 10.32 x 2.30 inch.
PCB dimension : 10.51 x 2.56 inch.

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Product Description


    MXA026 is a pre-built module, that gives you a six-digit bright red LED display, attached to a driver module, which offers a 24 hour clock mode, as well as a stop watch mode. The thing is, it doesn't do the standard 12 hour clock mode, instead it does 24 hour military time (which is more precise when you have no windows).

    Hang the display anywhere you need a good bright clock, or stop watch. Mount it in a case if you want, or just as is. Great for public events, stores, timing laps, or just to have around the shop. Anywhere you need a digital clock, you can have one, and it can be seen from pretty far away, because it's 266mm by 66mm, and a very bright red. So bright that it's almost uncomfortable when you have it a foot away from your eyes, and you attempt to look straight at it.

    The battery backup terminal allows you to connect 3 AA NiCads, with your own suitable battery holder, so that in the event of a power failure, the module will still remember the time. It has a built in charge circuit as well, so only use rechargables (NiCad). For the main circuit power, this module requires a 12vDC power supply, of at least 200mA (that's what the circuit draws with all segments lit up). The circuit has a built in rectifier, so it doesn't matter if it's center positive or negative. You must use a regulated 12vDC adapter such as PS1205R


    Operating Instructions

    Upon power-up, the display lights up, and the device begins to keep time, beginning at midnight, (0:00:00, as this is a 24 hour clock) and it will start counting the seconds. Press S2 to increment the hour (it will also reset the seconds, for easy syncing). Press S1 to increase the minutes (once again, the seconds will reset). Now your time is set! While this is happening, you are still free to use the stop watch mode. Press S3 to change modes. Now you will notice all the segments are lit up, reassuring that you are in stop watch mode. Press S2 to start or pause the time. While paused, if you press S1, it will reset to zero.

    Sounds easy enough, eh? Good. It is! Just like using your wrist watch.

    When you are in clock mode, and you have J2 in the down position (open), you will see the hour, minute, and seconds. To see the 1/100 column, place J2 in the up position (closed). You will notice it moves the minutes and seconds over to the left, and the hour is no longer visible. But now you can see the 1/100 at the far right! J1 will get you into 99 hour mode for the stop-watch. With it down (open) it will let you count from 0 to 24 hours, but if you need to go higher, put the jumper in the up (closed) position, and you can count all the way up to 99 hours!

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    SKU MXA026
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