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4 Channel UHF Rolling Code Lock Kit image Zoom

4 Channel UHF Rolling Code Lock Kit

SKU: QK180V3
4 button secure remote (included) RF receiver module and all components to create a 4 channel lock

Availability: In stock
Assembly Required: Yes



Assembly Required!
Product Description


    QK180 includes everything you see in the picture, the relay lock module, with an RX module attached to it, as well as a four button transmitter (TX).

    All kits can be assembled for an extra cost, just let us know.

    Transmitter and Receiver sold separately as: QA16TX, the four button transmitter, and QA16RX, the receiver module. QA16 includes the 4 button transmitter and receiver module.

    This is state of the art. Up to 15 Transmitter units can be learnt by one Rx unit.

    Up to 15 Transmitter units can be learnt by one Rx unit. Press button 1 (the button all by itself) while simultaneously pressing the tact switch on the main board. You only have to do this briefly for under a second. But note it takes about 15 seconds for the two units to internally connect and recognize each other (during this 15 seconds it seems that one, and only one keypress of the Tx unit will be recognised). Just disregard this. Wait the full 15 seconds until the two units have connected. Do not press the LEARN button again. Just wait 15 seconds.

    Tx units attached to any Rx unit can be unattached by pressing the LEARN button continuously for 8 seconds. The VALID DATA LED is on during these 8 seconds. As soon as the LED goes off then you know that all Tx units previously recognized by the Rx unit have now been unattached from the Rx unit.

    The transmitter and receiver module are supplied here fully assembled, tested, with a battery included, and ready to go.

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    SKU QK180V3
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