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2x16 LCD I2C BLUE image Zoom


2 x 16 LCD with I2C interface blue background.

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Product Description


    Save IO pins on your micro project, low cost 2 x 16 character display with easy to use I2C interface.

    There are no jumpers on this interface so the I2C address is set to 0x4E or 0x27 before shift left to add R/W bit.

    Requires 5 volts DC.

    Here is a link from a customer who set his display up as 0x3F and used this code: http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/I2cScanner

    Here is a library recommended by Chris Molloy of Kingston. He has used it with this display and I2C interface. Link to Zip

    P8574 LCD Bit Location

    Pin 4 - Pin 4 D0 RS
    Pin 5 - Pin 5 D1 R/W
    Pin 6 - Pin 6 D2 Enable
    Pin 7 - not used D3, possibly BackLight
    Pin 9 - Pin 11 D4 DB4
    Pin 10 - Pin 12 D5 DB5
    Pin 11 - Pin 13 D6 DB6
    Pin 12 - Pin 14 D7 DB7

    The Enable pin on the display is used to toggle bytes into the display, L to H clock in data, L change/update DB4-7, RS and possibly R/W however I would think you would always leave it lo.

    How to initialize the LCD in 4 bit mode:

    Wait for aprox 20mS
    Send the first init value (0x30)
    Wait for about 10mS
    Send second init value (0x30)
    Wait for about 1mS
    Send third init value (0x30)
    Wait for 1mS
    Select bus width (0x30 - for 8-bit and 0x20 for 4-bit)
    Wait for 1mS

    Then send this sequence,
    0x28 // 4-bit, 2 lines, 5x8
    0x0E // display on, cursor on
    0x06 // entry mode l-to-r, no shift
    0x01 // clear display

    So whats the next thing you will be trying to google? The order of nibbles, DB4-DB7 first then DB0-DB3.

    Turns out the layout is not simple, bit locations versus display pins are as follows:

    Bit location 0 is LCD display pin D3
    Bit location 1 is LCD display pin RS
    Bit location 2 is LCD display pin E
    Bit location 3 is LCD display pin D4
    Bit location 4 is LCD display pin D6
    Bit location 5 is LCD display pin RW
    Bit location 6 is LCD display pin Back Light
    Bit location 7 is LCD display pin D5

    If you have info regarding another library you can always let me know.

    We have a few cable styles 20 cm, we do have 30 cm also:

    • Female to female
    • Male to female
    • Female to male

      The blue Potentiometer adjusts Contrast. If you don't see any characters, just give it a turn one way or the other. Start clockwise and back down to where the characters are bright and the background does not have boxes behind the characters.

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