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2 x 16 LCD shield display with buttons Zoom

2 x 16 LCD shield with buttons for DUE or UNO

LCD Shield with buttons for Arduino DUE or UNO

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Product Description


    This DFRobot LCD Keypad Shield (male pin connector) for Arduino comprises a 16x2 blue LCD display and 6 momentary pushbuttons, from left to right, SELECT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, RIGHT and RESET.

    The shield can be directly plugged onto an Arduino Duemilanove board, making soldering unnecessary.

    Pins 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are used as the interface to the LCD.

    The shield operates on 5V.


    Main features include:

    -A 16x2 blue LCD -Adjustable contrast

    -Uses modified LCD4Bit

    -Interface Modified LCD4Bit Interface: In order to preserve the SPI port for future use, the Digital IO pins DB7-10 and pin11& pin 12 used in the original LCD4Bit library have been moved to DB4-7 and pin 8 & pin 9 respectively.

    -Keypad: The keypad consists of 5 pushbuttons — SELECT, LEFT, UP, DOWN and RIGHT plus a RESET button. To save the digital IO pin resource, the keypad interface only uses one ADC channel. The key value is read through a 5 stage resistor voltage divider. When a key is pressed, the ADC reads the voltage value through the voltage divider; then the voltage value is compared to the voltage value threshold stored in an array to identify which key has been pressed.


    Library Downloading and Installation:

    1. Locate and Download the Modified LCD4Bit or just LCD4Bit

    2. Unzip the library into arduino directory of your choice.

    3. Start the Arduino IDE and import the LCD4Bit_mod library.

    4.You are ready to test the LCD and the Keypad. The shield can be directly plugged onto the Arduino board and there is no need for soldering.

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