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HC-020K Speed Measuring Module with Photoelectric Encoders Zoom

Two Optical Rotation Sensors


Allows you to detect wheel rotation so you can determin if the wheels are turning or are stuck.

An LED on one side a detector on the other. The disc in between the LED and the detector will create a pulse that you can measure using your Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

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Product Description


    HC-020K speed measuring sensor is has wide voltage, high resolution and short response time. It uses an optical sensor to detect the slots in the disc connected to the wheel. Using your arduino or raspberry pi, you can calculate that the wheel is rotating and how fast by counting the time between the pulses generated by the sensor.

    This is dual set, one for each wheel on your smart car platform.


    Module Working Voltage: 4.5-5.5V
    LED Forward Voltage Drop: Vf=1.6V
    LED Current: If<20mA (only takes a few milliamps to drive the emitter)
    Signal output: A, B two lines; TTL power level;
    Measurement frequency: 100KHz
    Disc diameter: 24mm
    Encoder resolution: 20 lines

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