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2 CH UHF Remote Control Module


This UHF remote control circuit is compatible with electric appliances.

Two channels for turning on and off, for instance: light, electric fan, etc.

Assembled Module

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Product Description


  1. Power supply : 12VDC.
  2. At standby stage the circuit consumes about 15mA and at working stage about 80mA.
  3. UHF wave is the medium of control.
  4. For outdoor use, and with an antenna, the control capability ranges up to 30m.
  5. Two channels are provided for controlling two electric appliances.
    The highest power consumption for each channel is 1A.
  6. Five optional modes of control can be set ; Mode on, Mode off, Mode push-on push-off, Alternate Mode and push-on release-off.
  7. 1 Key chain remote included
  8. Extra remotes: MXA108 .
  9. PCB dimensions of control unit : 2.04" x 2.27"

    Setting the MXA107

    Any of the four buttons can be assigned to any of the 5 functions.

    Function 1 Relay ON

    Function 2 Relay OFF

    Function 3 Toggle Relay

    Function 4 Alternate between Relay 1 ON and Relay 2 ON with each press.

    Function 5 Momentary

    Set Mode ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step1

    Press and hold the 2 buttons SW1 SW2, both LED's will flash, release.

    The receiver should now have its settings cleared.


    Press SW1 and hold, if the LED flashes then the reset did not occur, go to step 1

    Still holding SW1 press whichever key you want to progam, A in this case.

    The relay flashes once, this means Function 1

    Release SW1, Function 1 has now been mapped to button A on the remote.

    Press and hold SW1 again, now press B and hold, the relay will flash once,release, press B and hold again, the LED flashes 2 (twice).

    Release B and SW1, now transmitter button B is now mapped to function 2 for relay 1.

    Programming Relay 2 is the same as Relay 1, just holding SW2 instead of SW1.

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