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2 Wire Remote Control Kit

SKU: K8023
2 Wire, 10 Channel Remote Control Kit

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Assembly Required!
Product Description



    This kit allows you to control up to 10 devices using only 2 wires at a long distance.
    Microprocessor controlled.
    Inputs can be push-buttons, switches or open collector outputs from another device.
    The receiver section provide 10 open collector outputs which allow you to control relays directly.
    Terminal block connectors for all input and output connections are included.
    All outputs are provided with LED indication.
    Can be used with our kits : K6714-16, K8006, ...
    Can be connected to our standard relay card : K6714.


    10 open collector outputs 50V/100mA
    Tested to a distance of up to 50m (55 yards) between control- and receiver section.
    Operating voltage: Single 12-15VAC or DC, 200mA.
    Dimensions control pcb (w x d x h) : 70 x 50 x 16mm (2.7" x 2" x 0.6").
    Dimensions receiver pcb (w x d x h) : 103 x 50 x 24mm (4" x 2" x 1").


    Both PCBs are connected to each other by means of two wires, VTX+ and VTX-.ᅠ They supply power to the control board and carry the data signal.ᅠ This signal contains information regarding the status of the 10 inputs.ᅠ Filtering and regulating of the power supply is performed by VR2, together with C15, C12, C13 and C14 which also suppress possible oscillation of the voltage regulator.ᅠ The microcontroller continuously monitors the status of the inputs and switches T2 according to a custom developed serial protocol.ᅠᅠ This allows a current to flow in the VTX wires.ᅠ LD12 also lights allowing you to check the operation of the system.


    The receiver end also contains the power supply section.ᅠ Diodes D1 to D4 rectify the incoming power.ᅠ Voltage regulator VR1 and the surrounding capacitors make sure the control part received a regulated 10V.ᅠ From this 10V, R12, ZD1 and C8 derive 5V DC to supply the microcontroller.ᅠ The actual receiving part consists of D6, D7, R14 and T1.ᅠ The current variations in the VTX-lines cause a voltage drop over R15, which is filtered by C3 and amplified by T1, before it is fed to the microcontroller. ᅠ Reception is indicated by LD11.ᅠ The microcontroller analyses the serial signal and puts the corresponding outputs high or low.ᅠ Because the microcontroller cannot sink large currents we added IC2 and IC3 which provide open collector outputs.

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    SKU K8023
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