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Velleman K8017 3 Channel Sound to Light Kit image Zoom

3 Channel Sound to Light Kit

SKU: K8017
This 3 channel sound to light kit includes microphone, low, mid and high channels and smoked plastic enclosure.

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Assembly Required!
Product Description



    Low, Mid and High Channels
    Sensitivity adjustment per channel
    LED indication per channel
    Attractive translucent enclosure
    Microphone included
    Noise suppressed according to EN55015

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    • Operating voltages:ᅠ 110 - 125 or 220 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz
    • Max. load:ᅠ 200W per channel (100W @ 110 - 125VAC)
    • Only suited for incandescent light bulbs
    • Dimensions (WxHxD) 155 x 45 x 160mm (6.2"x 1.8"x6.4")

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    As this kit is shipped to different countries, there is no AC plug supplied.ᅠ You will need to attach a plug that matches your electrical system to the loose end of the AC cable.ᅠ Always close and fasten the enclosure lid before operating this kit. ᅠ Make sure the AC voltage is correctly set.ᅠ Fill out the included power rating label and stick it to the bottom of the enclosure.ᅠ To test the unit, turn all controls fully clockwise and plug it in.ᅠ When the AC cord is plugged in, the power indicator LED should light.ᅠ Tap the enclosure gently.ᅠ The internal LEDs will flash.ᅠ Now you can test the unit with the light bulbs connected.ᅠ Make sure the max. rating per channel is not exceeded!ᅠ You can adjust the overall sensitivity by turning the master level control, while the level for each individual channel can be adjusted with low, mid and high level controls. K8017a.JPG (8360 bytes)
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    SKU K8017
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