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UHF Remote Control Kit

SKU: FK436

This UHF Remote Control kit uses a frequency in the UHF range as a carrier for controlling the receiver.

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Assembly Required: Yes



Assembly Required!
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Product Description


    This UHF kit can be configured as Momentary or Toggle operation. Jumper selectable.

    Very simple reciver transmitter configuration, the transmitter requires a 9 volt battery and snap.

    The receiver requires 12VDC at around 100mA max.

    Its not suitable for any type of commercial application due to the fact that the oscillator is adjustable.

    We have received feedback from someone that is not our customer that these kits do not work as advertised.


    Testing at our location showed that the transmitter receiver pair worked well over the stated 20 meter range.

    If you're having issues, retune the receiver, moving the trimmer cap 1/8th of a turn will usually work, now retune the transmitter.

    There is an issue with the new batch of FK436, in order to work properly in momentary mode it needs a small mod.

    QKits Electronics customers can request the details of this mod from Tech@QKits.com.

    Make sure all the parts are mounted properly, its so easy to mix up transistors and reverse diodes. 

    Newer remotes have a digitally encoded number transmitted, this means the receiver will never false trigger, not the case with this item.

    If any transmitter transmits on the receiver's frequency the receiver will trigger. If you were so inclined you could add a 567 PLL, then false triggers would be pretty much zero.

    Of course you would need one on the transmitter to create the tone and one at the receiver to decode it.


    Technical specifications:

    • power requirement : 9VDC. (TX), 12VDC. (RX)
    • consumption : 21mA (TX), 58mA (RX)
    • frequency : approx. 400MHz
    • distance TX/RX : 20m (65') (clearing)
    • relay output : 220VAC./5A max.
    • PCB dimensions : 1.93 x 1.24" inches. (TX) 3.35 x 1.84 inches. (RX)
    • Recommended Housing : FB01(TX) and FB17(RX)


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    Additional Information

    SKU FK436
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