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Rolling Code 10 Ch. RC kit

SKU: QK181
Rolling Code 10 Channel Remote Control kit with pre-built key chain transmitter.

Receiver board requires assembly!

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Assembly Required!
Product Description


    QK181 comes with 4 button transmitter QA16TX and Receiver.

    If you wish to purchase the transmitter separately, order as QA16TX

    New firmware is now available, when applying power hold the buttons on the transmitter to access the setup. Setup can only be accessed at power up this avoids the possibly of entering setup mode during normal operation. The mode LED will flash. Select the relay it will flash once for toggle, twice for momentary. You can select another relay if you wish or exit the setup. Relays can be toggle or momentary on a relay by relay basis. The processor will save your changes in eerom. Next time the unit is powered up it will retrieve the settings the changes you make. Up to 15 Tx units can be learnt by one Rx unit. There is a complete description of what rolling code is in the article. For more on using KEELOQ to generate hopping passwords see AN662 AN665 by Microchip. Do a google.com search on '433.9mhz', 'lipo' for more information about the transmitting band. 10 channel UHF rolling code kit  k181

    Up to 15 Transmitter units can be learnt by one Rx unit. (The article says 16 but the technical

    manual says 15.) Press button 1 (the button all by itself) while simultaneously pressing the LEARN

    tact switch on the main board. You only have to do this briefly for under a second. But note it takes

    about 15 seconds for the two units to internally connect and recognize each other. (During this 15

    seconds it seems that one and only one keypress of the Tx unit will be recognised. Just disregard

    this. Wait the full 15 seconds until the two units have connected. Do not press the LEARN button

    again. Just wait 15 seconds.)

    Tx units attached to any Rx unit can be unattached by pressing the LEARN button continuously for

    8 seconds. The VALID DATA LED is on during these 8 seconds. As soon as the LED goes off

    then you know that all Tx units previously recognized by the Rx unit have now been unattached

    from the Rx unit.

    We sell Tx units separately as QA16TX

    The article makes reference to assembling the remote control Tx units. However, it is supplied

    here fully assembled, tested, with a battery included and ready to go.

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    SKU QK181
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