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NASA Space Kit

SKU: 650-0123
littleBits brings you fun and powerful ways to explore Earth + Space science in the classroom and at home.

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Assembly Required!
Product Description


  1. Designed in collaboration with NASA SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS
  2. Includes 12 modules, 5 NASA lesson plans and 10 STEAM activities
  3. Learn scientific principles like Electromagnetic, Kinetic, & Potential Energy
  4. Make a Mars Rover or an ISS; transmit music wirelessly and more!
  5. Connect with the littleBits library to infinitely expand your discoveries

    Scientists have been exploring the earth and space science from as early as 4900 B.C. From ancient Egyptians, to Galileo, to Neil deGrasse Tyson, the secrets of the cosmos have kept us wondering, observing and learning. The littleBits Space Kit will enable anyone to build their own space investigations with little to no engineering knowledge. Included is a handy 30+ page booklet, with step-by-step instructions for 10 great projects like the ISS and Mars Rover. You'll also receive 2 9V battery + cables--everything you need to get started right out of the box.

    Activity Booklet
    Branded 9V batteries + cable x2
    Audio cable
    Custom plastic screwdriver
    12 Bits modules:

  6. power x 2
  7. light sensor
  8. remote trigger
  9. microphone
  10. speaker
  11. DC motor
  12. bright LED
  13. IR LED
  14. number
  15. wire x 2

    Twelve people have walked on the moon since Neil Armstrong fi rst set foot there on July 20, 1969. This was in an era before cell phones or laptop computers. In the early 21st century, NASAs reach spans the universe. The Mars Rover Curiosity is exploring Mars to see if it once had environments suitable for life. Cassini is in orbit around Saturn, and Juno is making its way to Jupiter. The restored Hubble Space Telescope is exploring the deepest reaches of the cosmos. NASA continues to reach for new heights and to reveal the unknown for the benefi t of all humankind. The littleBits Space Kit puts you at the helm of mission control, and lets you create tools to measure and explore the universe just like real NASA engineers and scientists.

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    SKU 650-0123
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