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QualityKits Part #: K8000RS
K8000RS: Computer Interface Card kit
This is a KIT and requires assembly!
Computer Interface Kit *
Connect to printer port (LPT) Open collector output, A to D, D to A.

New Interface Kits: K8061 & K8055


* Interface board for IBM compatible PCs

* Simply connects to the printer port use your printer while the card's connected

* Printer by-pass connector on board

* 16 opto-isolated input or outputs

* 8 X 6-bit (64 step) analog outputs

* 1 X 8-bit (256 step) analog output

* 4 X 8-bit (256 step) analog inputs

* Full opto-isolation to computer

* Independent operation when using K8000 with K8001

* Also can be used with up to 16 stepper motor driver cards (K8005)

Digital Outputs 1 to 16:
Opto-coupler, open collector output: 50mA 30V DC maximum
Minimum conversion time to set 16 outputs: 800µs
Analog Outputs:
8 outputs, DAC1 to DAC8; resolution: 64 steps
Minimum conversion time to set 8 outputs together: 2ms
Maximum output current: 6mA
Minimum output voltage (at 2mA): 0·1V
Maximum output voltage (at 2mA): 11·5V (adjustable)
Resolution per step (from 0·1V to 11·5V): 160mV ±9OmV
1 Precision output DA1
Resolution: 256 steps
Conversion time to set output: 600ms
Maximum output current: 2mA
Minimum output voltage: 0V
Maximum output voltage (at 500mA): 4·5V (adjustable)
Resolution per step (from 0V to 4·5V): 17·5mV
Deviation: 30mV max.
Analog Inputs
4 analog inputs. AD1 to AD4
Resolution: 256 steps
Minimum conversion time to read one input: 1ms
Minimum conversion time to read 4 inputs: 1·6ms
Minimum input voltage: 0V
Minimum input voltage: 0V
Maximum input voltage: 5V
Input impedance: 50Mega ohms nominal
Resolution: 19·5mV
Deviation: 30mV max.
Communication protocol: I 2 C bus
Supply voltage: 110 to 120V AC
PCB dimensions: 237 x 133mm
NB: conversion speed is dependent on chosen computer. To enable a computer to communicate with the outside world, it is usually fitted with a keyboard, a display and perhaps a mouse. If, however, it is to be used in control applications, or certain control functions are to be carried out, then an interface is needed. This Computer Interface Board excels in its simplicity of use and installation. The connection to the computer is optically isolated, so that damage to the computer is not possible. The interface is controlled using TURBO PASCAL" procedures -these procedures are preprogrammed and are provided along with a number of tests and example programs on the diskette supplied. To connect the interface board to the computer, the printer port is used (note that there is no need to install an extra printer port as the printer can be connected directly to the interface board). Although it must be noted that the printer has priority over the interface when connected. The interface itself has 16 optically isolated digital connections, which can be freely chosen as either inputs or outputs (e.g., 6 inputs and 10 outputs) according to how they are set up by the user. In addition, there are eight analog outputs with 8-bit resolution, one analog output with 8-bit resolution, and four analog inputs of 8-bit resolution. If more digital outputs ate required, then the analog outputs can be used by setting to minimum or maximum output voltage. If there are too few inputs, then the analog inputs may be used. In this way it is very simple to track the state of a rotating switch by connecting in a different voltage for each switch index position. Please note that these extra input and output channels are not optically isolated. If this capacity is still not sufficient for a particular application, then up to four interface boards can be connected together (one master and three slaves), such enormous potential exists. The interface can be used with many other kits.

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~ Celebrating 19 Years of QualityKits in 2015 ~
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