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Holiday pack DIY Ornament littleBits Zoom

Holiday pack DIY Ornament Kit

SKU: 670-0033
Combine art and inventing to decorate the tree with a DIY ornament as unique as a snowflake.

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Assembly Required!
Product Description



    Liven up your Christmas tree with some hand-crafted light-up ornaments.

    With a pulse module and a bright LED, you can make an ornament blinks at a speed you set. For best results, we recommend building your ornament out of translucent or semi-transparent material so the bright LED shines strongly through. This is the perfect addition to any Christmas tree. Enjoy the light show!

    1) Build your circuit: power + wire + pulse + bright LED 2) Decorate a styrofoam ball, then cut out a pattern the light will shine through. 3) Slice the ball in half and dig out the core, leaving the walls ½ inch thick. 4) Poke a hole through one of the halves and insert your power cable. 5) Turn on the circuit, place it inside the other styrofoam half and glue or tape the halves together.

    Pro-tip: use the red LED of the power module for extra holiday illumination.


    STEP 1

    Build your circuit: power + wire + pulse + bright LED. Use the purple screwdriver to adjust the speed of the pulse to your liking.

    STEP 2

    Paint the styrofoam ball. Let dry, then cut out whatever shapes or patterns you like. The light will shine through the brightest wherever you see white foam.

    STEP 3

    Slice the final styrofoam ball in half. Dig out the core using a metal spoon, leaving a half inch to ¾ inch wall thickness.

    STEP 4

    Poke a hole through one of the halves using your pencil; this is where you will insert your power cable.

    STEP 5

    Bend the power cable in half, and insert the bent end into and out through the hole you made in step (3).

    STEP 6

    Place the rest of the circuit inside the other styrofoam half.

    STEP 7

    Place glue dots along the rim of either of the styrofoam halves.

    STEP 8

    Before putting your ornament up on your tree, turn on your circuit, align your halves, and press the halves together.


    What's inside:

    • power
    • pulse
    • bright LED
    • wire
    • battery and cable






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    SKU 670-0033
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