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HC05 4 pin bluetooth module Zoom

Bluetooth Transceiver 4 pin with push button

HC-05 Bluetooth module with push button can be configured as master mode or slave mode using AT command in the configure mode

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Product Description


    This module allows serial data transmission via Bluetooth. The HC-05 module is mounted to a breakout board that allows simple use of the module.

    A small switch on the PCB allows you to control Pin 34 state. Pressing and holding it while turning on the module puts it in 38400 baud command mode, pressing it while its already ON puts it in 9600 command mode.


    Version number for this lot is 2.0-20100601

    The BlueTooth Name is H-C-2010-06-01



    • Suitable for Bluetooth adapter, Bluetooth phone use, master-slave. 
    • Can be set for the module control parameters and control commands issued via AT commands.
    • Provides 7 input and output ports, scale-able user IO resources. Not accessed from pin header.
    • Work status indicators; connection with the non-connection state signal output, easy to track the status of module MCU.
    • Great for embedded wireless serial transmission alternatives. 
    • Bluetooth Specification v2.0+EDR.
    • USB protocol: USB v1.1/2.0. Not used with mounting plate.
    • Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band.
    • Modulation: GFSK(Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying).
    • Transmit power: not more than 4dBm, Class 2.
    • Sensitivity: not more than -84dBm at 0.1% BER.
    • Rate: Asynchronous: 2.1Mbps(Max) / 160 kbps.
    • Synchronous: 1Mbps/1Mbps.
    • Security features: Authentication and encryption.
    • Support profiles: Bluetooth serial port (master & slave). "Power Supply: +3.3VDC 50mA.
    • Working temperature: 5C to 45C.
    • Max. serial baud rate: 1382400bps, support for hardware flow control transfer.
    • Size:2.7cm x 1.3cm - 1.06inch x 0.51 inch.

      Configure the Slave first:

      Reset defaults: AT+ORGL

      Clear paired device list: AT+RMAAD

      Print serial parameters: AT+UART?

      Set PIN: AT+PSWD=1234

      Slave mode: AT+ROLE=0

      Get the Bluetooth address the module for reference later: AT+ADDR?

      Now configure the Master:

      Reset defaults: AT+ORGL

      Clear paired device list: AT+RMAAD

      Print serial parameters: AT+UART?

      Set Master mode: AT+ROLE=1

      Need to restart after changing role: AT+RESET

      Allow connecting to any address: AT+CMODE=1

      Inquire mode  Standard, stop after 5 devices found, (or) stop searching after 5 seconds: AT+INQM=0,6,9 ;search for up to 6 devices stop after 9 seconds

      Start SPP Bluetooth transmitting/receiving serial protocol: AT+INIT

      Note: If you get Error:(17) then its already loaded, you can carry on.

      Start searching: AT+INQ

      There is a good chance that if its the only device it will pair up. Each LED will flash once every second or 2.

      The format of the data is +INQ:address,type,signal

      The signal will be 7FFF with inquiry in standard mode, if your in RSSI mode you will get different signal levels which may be handy later on.

      Copy the address of the devices found, for example 12:3:456789 and change the colons to commas  12,3,456789.

      To find out which device is the slave module you will need to query each address for its name: AT+RNAME?

      Replacewith address of device like 12,3,456789

      Response should be +RNAME:HC05 if not try the next address in the list.

      Now youve got the address of the slave module you need to pair with it: AT+PAIR=

      , set enough time for you to enter your pin number if this is a phone or PC.

      Bind address: AT+BIND=

      Only allow connecting to the bound address: AT+CMODE=0

      And now to actually connect: AT+LINK=

      Hopefully this helps you get up and going. If you order 2 modules from us, possibly we can pair them, name them so all you have to do is apply power and go.


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