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LED and LCD clock kits.

LED clock kits

Items in this category require component level assembly

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  • velleman k8063 2 digit serial 7 segment display

    2 Digit LED Display Kit with Serial Interface

    This kit comes with 2 bright 7 segment LED displays.
    PC Connection using a 3-wire RS232 (serial) connection.
    We have tested with a cable length of 50 meters. Learn More


  • velleman k8089 7 Segment Digital Clock Kit image2

    7 Segment Digital Clock Kit

    12 or 24 hour Digital Clock with temperature readout.
    Optional Temperature Sensor Kit K8067 Learn More


    Out of stock

  • Digital Clock and Timer Kit image

    Digital Clock and Timer Kit

    24 Hour Clock and Timer Kit Learn More


  • Digital Clock Kit image

    Digital Clock Kit

    24 Hour Digital Clock Kit Learn More


  • Introduction to LCDs Kit image

    Introduction to LCDs Kit

    This LCD kit shows how to connect a standard 16x2 LCD to a PC parallel port. Learn More


  • velleman mk153 Jumbo Single Digit Clock Kit image

    Jumbo Single Digit Clock Kit

    Ond Digit Clock Displays the time one digit at a time. Learn More


  • Large LED Clock Kit image

    Large LED Clock Kit

    Big digital clock kit using 2.3" LED displays for the hours and minutes. It can operate in 12-hour or 24-hour mode. The software program including a time adjustment mode can control the clock from a few seconds a year. Learn More


    Out of stock

  • Serial LCD Control kit image

    Serial LCD Control kit

    This serial LCD Control kit provides easy operation of a standard character LCD display. Learn More


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8 Item(s)

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