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Car kits

A wide variety of car related electronic kits.

Items in this category require component level assembly

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  • 12V Car Battery Monitor Kit image

    12V Car Battery Monitor Kit

    The MK189 is a great kit for checking your car battery status. Learn More


  • Velleman K3503 2 x 100 Watt Car Booster Amplifier kit image

    2 x 100 Watt Car Booster Amplifier kit

    This 100 Watt Stereo Car Booster Amp kit comes complete with heatsink and housing Learn More


  • 3RD Brake Light Flasher Kit image

    3RD Brake Light Flasher Kit

    Increase safety with this 3rd Brake Light Flashing Kit. Learn More


  • Car Alarm kit image

    Car Alarm kit

    Detects sudden voltage drops of the battery when interior light is switched on. Learn More


  • Car In Reverse Audio Warning Kit image

    Car In Reverse Audio Warning Kit

    Let everyone know when you are backing up with this warning system.

    Finally, an inexpensive way to get an expensive feature!

    Learn More


  • Car Starting Alarm Kit image

    Car Starting Alarm Kit

    Connect this to your car battery and install the kill switch in a hidden place. When someone starts your car, the circuit will detect a drop in voltage from the car's battery, used by the starter, and the circuit will wait approximately ten seconds, then it will trigger your 12v siren! Learn More


  • Car Turning Alarm Kit image

    Car Turning Alarm Kit

    Car turning signal audio warning kit.

    Attach this to any automobile and get the added effect of having a warning sound when the turn signal flashes.

    Learn More


  • Digital Tachometer kit image

    Digital Tachometer kit

    Range: 100- 9000 revs per minute. 2 digit display Learn More


  • Electronic Ignition Amplifier kit image

    Electronic Ignition Amplifier kit

    Better starting and smoother running engine with this electronic ignition amplifier kit. Learn More


    As low as: $26.55

  • Frost Indicator kit image

    Frost Indicator kit

    Flashing LED indicates road temperature near freezing point Learn More


  • Fuel Cell Car Kit image

    Fuel Cell Car Kit

    Fuel Cell Car Kit or Salt Water Car! Learn More


  • Fuel Cell Engine Truck image

    Fuel Cell Engine Truck

    Non-Solder Fuel Cell Truck Learn More


    Out of stock

  • Fuel Cell Motorcycle Kit image

    Fuel Cell Motorcycle Kit

    The kit demonstrates clean energy and the concept of an environmentally friendly fuel cell motorcycle. Learn More


  • Multifunction Car Interior Light kit image

    Multifunction Car Interior Light kit

    This interior light kit for your car has switch-off delay adjustable from 0 to 60 seconds Learn More


  • Parking Radar kit image

    Parking Radar kit

    This kit uses Ultrasonic sound waves to measure the distance between your car and another object. Learn More


    Out of stock

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    velleman K8082 Safe Style Code Lock Kit image

    Safe Style Code Lock Kit

    Innovating and impressive code lock. Impossible to determine the pressed keys due to the use of digital rotary encoder. Learn More


  • Screen Wiper Robot kit image

    Screen Wiper Robot kit

    Wiper Robot Kit with 3 different time intervals. (2 - 10 - 15 second) Learn More


    Out of stock

  • Two Channel Hi Power LED Flasher Kit image

    Two Channel Hi Power LED Flasher Kit

    Two Channel Hi Power LED Flasher Kit Learn More


  • Windshield Wiper Timer Module image

    Windshield Wiper Timer Module

    Time interval (without modifications) is adjustable from 3 to 30 seconds for intermittent wiper function.
    Fully Assembled Module Learn More


    As low as: $8.50

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19 Item(s)

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