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Car Battery Protector 12V-12V / MAX. 10A


The battery protector prevents appliances (e.g. cooler) from draining the battery of your car.

The device continuously monitors the voltage and charge status of your car battery.

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Product Description


    Protect your battery!

    With part-time solar power systems becoming more common, a simple, low-cost way to protect your battery is required.

    This allows you to use an existing 12VDC cigarette lighter connection and provide a simple way to disconnect your load when battery voltage drops.

    If your battery is fully discharged, it is possible that it may never fully recover.

    input voltage: DC 12V
    connected voltage: 12.5V ᄆ 0.3V
    cutoff voltage: 11.2V ᄆ 0.3V
    maximum operating current: 10A

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