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Bipolar Stepper Motor Controller

SKU: KT-5196A
KTA-196 or KT-5196A

This Bipolar Stepper Motor Controller is Microcontroller Based.

Controls 4, 6 and 8 wire Stepper Motors

Full and Half Stepping Modes

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Product Description


    This Bipolar Stepper Motor card features
    - a double sided PCB (more reliable and no links to solder).
    - screw Terminals for all inputs, power connections and motor connections.
    - Full and Half Step (less resonance problems) operation and microstepping of 4,8,16,32,64 and 128 operation
    - Step and Direction Inputs.
    - an enable input which will remove all power to the motor

    We tested the KT5196 against an older model and found an increase of 33% in stepping rate performance.
    The KT5196 is able to drive 4 wire (and 6 or 8 wire) bipolar stepper motors at up to 8 amps
    Please note there is not inbuilt current limiting for the coil currents

    Dimensions 75x105x20mm

    A CD containing a visual basic program and source code which controls up to 4 motors from a parallel port is included.


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    Additional Information

    SKU KT-5196A
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