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Analog to Digital Converter Card Kit

SKU: K2610
Measure voltages from 0 up to 5 Volts w/ resolutio of 20mV

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Assembly Required!
Product Description


    Input voltage range 0V to 5ᄋ1V
    0.02V resolution
    Variable voltage input
    Analogue information gathering
    Digital conversion
    Computer-based measurement/monitoring

    This kit enables the Intelligent Motherboard K2612, (discontinued) to receive information from devices that can output a DC voltage of up to 5.1V with a resolution of 20mV. Information from various sensors, such as light dependent resistors (light sensors), potentiometers (position sensors), thermistors (temperature sensors), and pressure sensors, can be sampled.

    Input sensitivity: 5ᄋ1V (full-scale)
    Conversion type : 8-bit successive approximation
    Number of steps: 256
    Step resolution: 20mV
    Linearity error: ᄆ1 LSB
    Power supply: 5V (from Intelligent Motherboard)
    Dimensions: 106 x 106 x 15mm


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    SKU K2610
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