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2 Channel Speaker Protection Kit 110VAC image Zoom

2 Channel Speaker Protection Kit 110VAC

SKU: K4700U
110VAC Anti-plop and DC voltage protection. Comes with its own power supply integrated on the PCB.

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Assembly Required!
Product Description


    This stereo protection prevents switch-on clicks and DC components on the output of the amplifier connected.ᅠ
    In case there is a dangerous DC-voltage on the output (burned output-elco, defective or incorrectly adjusted amplifier e.o.) the loudspeakers will also be disconnected; only when the DC-voltage has disappeared the module will switch on the loudspeakers again.
    There is a LED-indication for both protections : WAIT LED and ERROR LED.
    There is also a connection meant to disconnect the loudspeakers manually (e.g.. by means of a switch on the front-panel).

    Technical specifications

    • Switching delay : +/-6 sec.
    • supply voltage 110VAC
    • DC-protection : +1V/-1V
    • Max.input-voltage : 200Vpp+DC
    • Max.switching current : 10A
    • LED-indication for :
    • WAIT (switching delay)
    • ERROR (DC on loudspeaker output)
      Suitable for :
    • amplifiers with symmetrical power supply
    • amplifiers with asymmetrical power supply (*)

      (*) At this kind of amplifiers the switching-time for the loudspeakers can be longer due to the charging time of the output-elco.

    Recommended Enclosure: WCAH2851

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    Additional Information

    SKU K4700U
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