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0-30VDC@10A Power Supply image Zoom

0-30VDC@10A Power Supply

SKU: PS1030
Single Output - Linear High Current

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Product Description


    This unit is a bench top single-output power supply.
    The power supply has two meters; one to monitor the output voltage and one to monitor the output current.
    The power supply will find wide application in schools, laboratories, and commercial engineering and testing departments, as well as with the advanced hobbyist.

    Operating Instructions
    (1) Connect the instrument to an AC power source using the line cord provided and turn the power switch ON.
    For maximum stability, allow the instrument to warm up for at least 20 minutes.
    (2) Set the voltage and current adjustment knobs to desired output.
    Operating Cautions
    Please note the following cautions when using your power supply, to prevent damage to the unit.
    (1) Do not connect to equipment until all settings are complete.
    (2) Verify that the AC voltage setting is the same as your available power BEFORE you apply power for the instrument.
    (3) Do not connect a voltage that is greater than the output voltage to the terminals of the instrument.

    Output Voltage: 0  30 VDC
    Output Current: 0  10 Amps
    Current Limiting: 0  10 Amps continuously variable
    Load Regulation: ᄆ0.25% +3mV (1% to 100% of Rated Load)
    Line Regulation: ᄆ0.025% +2mV (10% Input Variation)
    Riplle and Noise: 0.5mV RMS (to 10KHz)
    Output Impedance: 0.2 Ohms (to 10KHz)
    Power Requirements: 120VAC, 60Hz, 360W
    Meter Ranges: Voltage& 0  30V
    Current& 0  10A
    Meter Accuracy: 2.5% of full scale
    Protected against Short circuits
    Fuse: Replace only with 8 Amp fast blow fuse, AGC8

    Variable Output DC Power Supply
    Constant Voltage / Constant Current
    Coarse & Fine Adjustments
    Voltage & Current Meters
    Two Year Warranty
    Weight: 12.5 KGS, (28lbs)
    Dimensions: 215 (W) x 162 (H) x 312 (D) mm 8.5 (W) x 6.38 (H) x 12.5 (D) inches

    (1) POWER ON LED
    (2) POWER ON - This is the main power switch.
    (5) HI-LO SWITCH - When set to HI, the panel meter needle indicates the current on the top of the scale.
    When set to LO, the needle indicates the current on the bottom of the scale. This allows for greater resolution in adjusting and reading low current settings.
    (6) CC LAMP - Indicates that current is being limited.
    (7) CURRENT ADJUST - This control adjusts the maximum current that the supply will output.
    (8) CV LAMP - Indicates that voltage is being limited.
    (9) COARSE/FINE VOLTAGE ADJUST - These two controls adjust the output voltage of the supply.
    (10) VOLTAGE/CURRENT METERS - These two meters indicate the output voltage and current as measured at the output terminals.

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    SKU PS1030
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